Beyond the IT Help Desk: How to Grow Your Career

Consider the following well-regarded help-desk certifications and determine which ones best suit your needs and career path. What’s great about this course is that participants can choose to attend an in-person training session with an ITIL expert. If there isn’t training nearby, you can self-study for the final exam using the ITIL Foundation book, offered both online and in hard copy. Because it helps businesses “manage risk, strengthen customer relations, establish cost-effective practices, and build a stable IT environment that allows for growth, scale, and change,” explained Senior Writer Sarah K. White in an article by CIO. Upon completion of globally-recognized technology credentials, we offer to students various employment options to include part-time, permanent full-time, internships and apprenticeships.

  • By having your reps complete this course, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently onboard your new help desk software without reaching out to customer support.
  • They provide you with the necessary support you need with all your assets and processes.
  • SDI delivers information to help improve the knowledge of help desk professionals through IT support training, community based forums and event-based services.

Organizations need reliable computer networks, so there’s great demand for skilled professionals who can manage, administer, and protect computer systems. Job listings are expected to grow 6 percent through 2026, and salaries usually hover around $81,000 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The agency also notes that the adoption of cloud-based network services by small and midsize businesses could increase the demand for network and computer systems administrators. The Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST) Networking certification validates an individual’s skills and knowledge of entry-level networking concepts and topics. The certification demonstrates foundational knowledge and skills needed to show how networks operate, including the devices, media, and protocols that enable network communications. With more than 2 million users worldwide, it has the fastest-growing catalog of trainings and classes in the field of IT.

Top Help Desk Certification

CompTIA A+ also has a security lesson that teaches your reps how to properly handle sensitive information. It discusses some common threats most devices are exposed to and provides some best practices for securing valuable data. 92% of consumers expect your company to protect their information, and with this training, you can meet customer demand and differentiate your service team from competitors. Throughout the course, you’ll hear from real Google users who have used this training to propel their careers to the next level. Your business is growing, your product is changing, and customers are contacting your customer service team more frequently as your business scales.

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate differs from a certification. A certificate proves to employers that you have knowledge in a given area. Conversely, a certification proves that you have passed a certification exam. This indicates you have the skills to successfully do the job you are applying for. Certificates can help prepare you to get certified and add weight to your resume. Despite the pandemic and big tech layoffs, thefuture of IT jobs[AC1]  is still solid with a projected 272,323 net new tech jobs in 2023, according to CompTIA’s State of the Tech Workforce report.

IT Help Desk Training for IT Professionals by Computer Cavalry (Udemy)

To find success in this role, you have to understand and expect to multitask in time-sensitive situations. Not every day will be as smooth as the last, and having that composure to keep working even when it gets tough is invaluable in this role. The help desk is a customer-facing role, so how you conduct yourself interpersonally is a huge factor in your success. You need to make your interactions positive, value-adding, and thought out, both in terms of how you solve problems and how you address the client before you.

Vendor-neutral certifications cover skills that can be applied to any vendor’s product, whereas vendor-specific certifications dive into the products of one vendor only. An article by Coursera explained that CompTIA A+ is an industry-standard credential that can kickstart an IT career. Additional credentials and advanced degrees can help you move beyond the IT help desk, but employers are first and foremost looking for the right combination of skills when they’re in need of network and IT security, software developers, and managers. Students complete our part-time online program in less than a year with the in-demand skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to excel in their career path of choice. The Microsoft Office Specialist Program provides industry-leading assessments of skills and knowledge through our new project-based testing, giving students and professionals real-world exercises to appraise their understanding of Microsoft Office.

Networking basics

The Google IT Support Certificate is a good place to start for individuals who are looking to begin a career in technical IT support or an IT support help desk. The certification course provides the skills needed for an introductory-level job in IT support. The training program focuses on troubleshooting and customer care, networking, operating systems, system administration, and security. The program content is very impressive with focus on applied learning and has been structured to address real world requirements. The hands-on assessments have been designed to simulate the actual experiences of IT Support. Many ITSM professionals believe CompTIA A+ to be the most impactful cert, pointing to it as providing key foundational knowledge that will become the basis for subsequent training.

  • The answer to a customer’s question may not always be black and white and may take additional information like context or understanding of the system from different perspectives to conclude.
  • Materials include exam objectives, sample questions, study guides, and classroom and e-learning opportunities.
  • Once you’ve completed the CCNA certification, you are able to take a variety of additional certifications with further specialization at the professional and then expert level.
  • The average IT help desk job salary is between $55,000-$65,000 but this can vary depending on the company and level of experience.
  • The skills taught in these lessons are applicable to any customer service team using help desk software.
  • Additionally, the Apple Device Support exam prep guide includes links to Apple documentation for all covered subject areas.

This IT support training is geared towards beginners, so no prior experience is required. It is suitable for fresh graduates entering IT support career or current IT help desk technicians looking to expand their knowledge. This IT Certificate program also aligns with the objectives covered by the newly updated CompTIA A+ certification. So students can complete the certificate and pass the CompTIA A+ certification exam to gain access to a new dual credential from CompTIA and Google, which will definitely be an added advantage to catch the attention of potential employers. Whether one is completely new or has had some exposure to IT, this program is highly recommended to get started in the field of technology. Prerequisites include the CompTIA A+ certification and a recommended 9-12 months of networking experience.

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When pursuing help-desk certifications or any of the best IT certifications, ensure they address technologies with long shelf lives that will continue to be in demand. The course begins with explaining network help desk engineer concepts and how technology, like wifi, works with your help desk tools. Then it breaks down the proper ways to handle network hardware and what to do if your network connection isn’t up to par.

help desk certifications

Costs vary greatly depending on the manner of instruction and the training provider’s location. In addition, the rest of your team is relying on you to do your job and do it well. A help desk rep has a big responsibility to handle from an internal and external perspective, and guaranteeing that you’ll do your best is a vital skill to possess for it. Customers want help from you fast, and their patience can run thin quickly if they’re left waiting too long for assistance. The more strategic you are with time management, the more efficient you’ll become when meeting customer needs.

Students and Mentors

According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for support specialists will increase by around 10 percent through 2026, faster than the average of basically all other occupations. To further shore up your Apple device skills, consider pursuing the AppleCare Hardware Certification program, which is among the best computer hardware certifications around. For example, A+ leads to CompTIA’s Network+ certification, which opens into a wider range of certifications for cybersecurity, administration and more. Improving your help desk to better serve your customers can aid in your business’ growth. With more effective and streamlined interactions, you’ll be able to satisfy customers and potentially build long-lasting relationships from the reliability of your help desk. We hope your team can take these certification recommendations and achieve these possibilities.

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